Stressed Out by Corona?
How to use Tapping to find Relief from Stress, Frustration, Fears etc...
The Corona crisis is really messing with our lives right now – and brings uncertainty, anxiety, frustration and more.

In this video I'd like to show you how tapping on acupressure points can help you with reducing the stress and bring you calmness, serenity and peace. We're going to tap with our fingertips on points on our faces, so please wash your hands beforehand!

There are three different aspects of the crisis I'd like to cover:

1: General Stress – all the stress that comes from the big picture: uncertainty, fear, frustration about how the other players act, like media, government, people around you and so on.

2: Existential Fears – when you're in a profession that depends on people and events, like musicians, artists, tourism, gastro, retail etc. When money and your livelihood is concerned a lot of fears new and old emerge. That's quite an intense and stressful situation and that tapping round is designed to bring you some relief.

3: Fear about a Loved One who is at risk – the fear that your Loved One might get seriously ill and all the helplessness that comes with that.

This video provides you with good impression what tapping feels like, however in a one-on-one situation I can individually steer the process to fit your situations and your needs. So if you feel like the tapping kinda feels good but it has not matched your situation, please contact me (Website, Facebook, see below) and we can figure out how I can help you have a better experience with Tapping. Also, I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks for watching and All the Best to You All!
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