Tap-along Video for Anger and Frustration
I made another tapping video that was inspired by my own impressions and experiences over the last weeks. Whenever I opened newspages or social media, I felt like there was quite some aggressive judgement, anger and all sorts of frustrations to be found. Mostly petty, mostly around Corona-related stuff. (Please note that at the time I recorded that video I was not aware of the George Floyd situation which of course happens on a whole different level. I still think my points mostly still apply, but I would have worded them differently.)
When I get angry I also come into contact with my Inner Terrier, which I will talk more about in the video.
I will also talk about three things which became very clear to me:
1.) The more angry I get the more it has to do with me
2.) There might be a lesson to learn or maybe it's just time for me to release an old issue
3.) I have a choice to stay stressed and angry - or to lower and release the stress as much as possible.
My favourite tool for reducing stress is Tapping which is why I share these three Tapping Rounds with you to. I hope they are useful for you! Let me know.
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