I love to observe and capture special moments. Although my pictures may not be perfect all the time, they're most often fun and always authentic!

Mostly I take my pictures at sport, corporate and family events and concerts as well as in nature. You can see my pictures in the gallery.
If you have any questions or if I can do anything for you, feel free to ask!
Customer Feedback
You made a great impression. Your pictures are well done, and they especially reflect the atmosphere of a children's hospital in a sensitive manner. I liked the way you captured pictures of the lieveliness of every day life in a hospital. In addition to your talent to take good pictures I noticed your positive, perceptive and sensitive ay of dealing with the patients. Freely translated from German
Amalie von Schintling-Horny
Vorstandsreferentin Stiftung Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt Auf Der Bult
We asked Ina to make pictures of our annual Breeders Meeting in Magdeburg in February 2018 and she has done a superb job. These are the reasons why we absolutely recommend her:
  • unagitated, discreet working method
  • sense for perfectly staging people and their surroundings
  • outstanding image quality
The result are excellent photos that bring the event back to life!
Harold Verstegen
Head of Breeding Cereals & OilSeedRape & Special Crops, KWS Lochow GmbH
I feel really comfortable working with you because you're really responsive to my ideas and requests. You have both a sensitive way of working with people as well as a great sense of aesthetics. Your pictures are well composed, have a pleasing look and I will gladly book you for further projects. Freely translated from German
Vera Lüdeck
Geschäftsführerin LAG Rock in Niedersachsen e.V.
Phone: + 49 178 5531423
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