EFT for daily stress redution
Combining tapping with words is the most common way to use EFT. However, there is a way to make it even easier.

Especially when your thoughts go crazy it can be hard to focus on the "right" words to say (although it is never really about the words, but the feelings and physical sensations that are connected to them, anyway…). In those moments, I like to let my mind do it's crazy thing and just tap through the points. After a while I feel myself calming down and my thoughts to slow down as well.

I especially like to do that first thing in the morning. Just before looking at any newsfeed or anything else, just to sit there and tap… and I feel myself relax and my outlook towards the day to become more optimistic.

Tapping also helps during the day, when things get stressful. If I can't avoid disturbing news or social media content it always helps me to tap, just to not get caught up in all the negativity that is thrown at us from all angles.

For me, it's almost like brushing teeth. First of all, it's part of my daily routine to use tapping in the morning and at night and whenever it feels necessary. And I don't have to really think about using it, either, I just do.
However, this daily mindless tapping is not meant to create miracles or to solve a big problem. That would require to really use the more common way or to work with an experienced EFT-Coach. But I'm sure though that regular tapping can really help you prevent small things from becoming bigger issues.

And just as brushing your teeth day might not prevent you from having to go to the dentist occasionally, it just really reduces those occasions…

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