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Let it go and reach your goal
Sometimes, in life, it's like that one time I went hiking with my girlfriend.
The goal was clear. I knew the way, I had the ability and the appropriate supplies. But once we got closer to the summit, I became afraid. My fear of heights was quite irrational, but I had to stop nevertheless. There were fellow hikers who offered good advice and I tried to listen. But it did not help. Of course, I could have pushed through the fear and contend, while being totally stressed (actually, I did that with kayaking once and the stress stayed with me for a long time).
However, there's an alternative which I would like to introduce to you.

The alternative is to be mindful of the fear, to feel where it is located in the body, and to tap certain points on the face and body, repeating the tapping as long as necessary to reduce the stress to a level that is much more comfortable in order to continue with the hike.

The tapped-on points are acupressure points and the method is known as "Tapping" as well as "EFT"-"Emotional Freedom Techniques"

Welcome to my EFT-Site
I have been using EFT now for more than 10 years and I am still fascinated by its simplicity and effectiveness when it comes to navigating the "fear of heights" of life. It easily reduces and releases all kinds of stress, worries, inner blocks, negativity and much more.

I am excited to use my experiences with EFT to help my clients tackle their challenges and reach their goals. I use my empathy and intuition to help my clients navigate challenging emotions, blocks and limiting beliefs. I use EFT to guide them through a simple, yet effective, process which reduces baggage, provides clarity and leaves them one step closer to their goals.

The term EFT is a trademark in Germany. The owner demands the following statement (freely translated): "The way I write and teach about EFT on my site is MY understanding of EFT, not that of its original founder, Gary Craig."

What is EFT/Tapping?
The way I write about the technique EFT just reflect on my understanding of it, not that of it's original creator, Gary Craig.

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, also called Tapping) is an acupressure technique that uses tapping on specific acupressure points and focusing one's perception with the use of words. By doing so it can easily and effectively ease and release stress and emotional blocks.


With Tapping we use a steady set of acupressure points for every issue that we're dealing with. This simplifies the process and makes it easy to learn, yet still results in a remarkable reduction of stress symptoms within the body.


Spoken words are part of the regular tapping routines.
First of all, we clearly acknowledge our issue, but we also state our intention to accept ourselves with that issue as much as possible. This reduces the self-judgement that often comes with having that problem in the first place. We also use words and phrases to keep the focus to that issue at hand.

Scientifically proven

There are a lot of studies and research being done about the efficacy of EFT, and it has been proven to be useful for a big variety of issues. More information can be found here:

Experience Tapping!

To me, experiencing Tapping is more important than any study, though. Every time I sit down to tap I'm still amazed how easily it helps me with just relaxing, but also with releasing big or small personal issues or just to find the inspiration to write this article ????…

What questions do you have about EFT? Go curious? Just message me here on FB or write me an eMail. I'm here for your questions, and if you'd like, we can set up a free chat (phone/skype/personally in Hannover, Germany) to figure out if and how Tapping can be useful for your issue and if I can help you with this. Just ask!
How does EFT/Tapping work?
EFT starts with the emotions that come with an issue or challenge.


What is the issue?
What emotions does this issue create?
Where are they located in the body?
How strong are they?


Tapping of certain acupressure points


This helps the body to relax and release the tension created by the emotions.

New aspects, ideas, insights

The stress response in the brain slows down as well, which creates the opportunity to come up with new insights, ideas and much more.

A fascinating process

This process reduces baggage, provides more clarity and leaves us one big step closer to our goals.
Why EFT/Tapping? That's why!

Studies have found that tapping lowers the production of stress hormones in the body. Therefore it helps with relaxation and calmness and can be the trick when dealing with a stressful day, bad news etc.


We can gain Empowerment through EFT by working through, and releasing, emotional blocks, recurring challenges, bad habits or limiting beliefs. With each obstacle that we release, we gain more energy, freedom, and the steps by step becoming our authentic self.

Reaching your Goals

Sometimes our personal or professional goals can get hijacked by inner blocks, limiting beliefs or inner conflicts. With EFT, we can tap into what's keeping us from reaching those goals and enable ourselves to take more and more action. At the same time, tapping can help us to enhance the positive emotions such as motivation, excitement, self-esteem or optimism, which are helpful to reaching our goals.

Gaining Understanding & Acceptance for Yourself

To accept ourselves in the here and now is an important aspect of EFT. The new insights we gain during the process help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and the situation we are in.


The possible results of working with EFT go much deeper, though. Studies have been proven that EFT has been succesful in releasing depression, trauma and PTSD, among other serious conditions. And more than studies there are documented success stories and more. Severe conditions belong in the hands of professionally trained therapists, though, and I am not one of those. Even though I have worked through painful wounds myself, I am not equipped to work with people who need professionally trained and experienced therapists.
My Offer

If you are ready to face your challenges and want to use a new and effective approach for that – and are as much willing to question as to understand and better accept yourself – then I'd be thrilled to work with you.

I offer my EFT sessions either personally, via phone or Skype.

First, I will help you get clear about your issue and its connected aspects, emotions and limiting beliefs. We also set a goal for the session.

Then I will guide you through the tapping process while I closely monitor how the emotions and insights are being processed.

We'll repeat the tapping process as often as it is needed to reach the goal of the session. I can also record the tapping sequences for you to further tap at home.

One session lasts between 50-75min at a rate of 70€.

If you are interested, please contact me here for more information. I'm delighted to work with you!

Best regards
Ina Niemerg

Phone: + 49 178 5531423
E-mail: ina@ina-niemerg.de
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