Bass Player
"Please introduce yourself musically"
May 2014, about an hour out of Nashville, TN at Victor Wooten's Bass and Nature Camp.

It's the first night of the camp and 60 participants are facing the task to introduce themselves – musically by playing bass. Alone, in front of everyone, including some of the best bass players in the world.

What!? How should I do that?

Looking at my fellow campers on stage showed me that this task was also frightening to almost everyone. Although it became clear that some were technically really good – it seldom looked like anybody had really fun standing up there and to be put on the spot.

It made me think, "what is it that's most important in playing music for me?" If I ever wanted to impress with technically brilliant solos, I would have become a guitar player in an 80's glam rock band, right? I just love playing bass, grooving, connecting with the audience, having fun and showing that as well.

First I thought about just playing air guitar but did not follow through with that. However, a simple bassline of a song that I've played a lot and that sums up a very important time of my life came to mind.

When it was my turn, I stepped onto the stage. Looked into the audience. I put all I had into a smile and started playing.

The audience smiled back.

A perfect Setlist...

...might contain one or two songs from that list (but of course, I'm flexible!!!):

- Blame It On The Boogie (Jackson 5)
- Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams)
- September (Earth Wind and Fire)
- You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
- I'm Coming Out (Diana Ross)
- Love Foolosophy (Jamiroquai)
- House on Fire (Beatsteaks)
- Galileo (Indigo Girls)
- Rapunzel (Dave Matthews Band)

Funk, Soul, Rock, Folk - may there be Groove!

My Musical Resume
1984 first Piano lessons – musical foundations, sight reading
1992 self-taught Guitar playing
– self-motivated to learn something new, learned to be successful through ambition and persistence
1992 first Bass Guitar lessons at local music school
– found the bass guitar as MY instrument, build more technical and theoretical foundations as well as playing together with other instruments
1995 first Rock Band
– arranging original songs, playing together, performing live
1998 Student of the Up With People International Youth Exchange program
live experience: ca. 100 high quality shows in one year, energetic performance, enthusiasm
1999-2000 Band Instructor for Up with People
– ca. 150 more shows, band leader, facilitating rehearsals, ensuring high quality of the musical performance, integrating new band members
2001 University course called Cultural Studies, Aesthetics and applied Arts
– 8 semesters bass lessons with Jürgen Attig, ensemble work, precision in practicing, listening and playing, learning new styles, music theory, transcribing bass lines
since 2001 "Up with People Survival Band"
- one rehearsal weekend, one gig per year: spot-on preparation, focus and discipline during intensive rehearsals
2002 – 2004 Cover Band "Octophonics"
– needing few rehearsals to become ready for a gig
2013 "Octophonics Revival"
- see above
2014 Victor Wootens Bass and Nature Camp
– inspiration and much more
2014 -2016 Bass lessons with Lars Lehmann
– to stay on the ball, keep learning new things

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