About me

I walk through life with a hands-on creative side from my father, a tendency to go deep from my mother, a big portion of curiosity and an astute perception. The first love of my life was music, though. It provides me – also rather introvert – with means to process and express emotions that are just not found anywhere else. And it allowed me to travel intensively, satisfy my curiosity and grow both personally and professionally.

Those travels formed the wish to do more than just making music, which is why I enrolled in a course of studies called Cultural Studies, Aesthetics and Applied Arts. There I, among other things, learned the basics of visual communication. And I became curious about photography with all its technical, aesthetical and creative challenges and really started to dive into the subject. However, I still get the biggest satisfaction from using my empathy and perception to capture and deliver emotions and authentic moments.

EFT came to me as a tool to really take my life into my own hands and also help others. I love the fact that it both offers fast stress relief as well as new insights about where that stress came from or new ideas about who I can be in the process. It beautifully caters to my tendency to go deep and work with the roots of challenges rather than just the symptoms.

Three ways that enable me to inspire, touch and move people. I love it!
Phone: + 49 178 5531423
E-mail: ina@ina-niemerg.de
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