Why EFT/Tapping? That's why!

Studies have found that tapping lowers the production of stress hormones in the body. Therefore it helps with relaxation and calmness and can be the trick when dealing with a stressful day, bad news etc.


We can gain Empowerment through EFT by working through, and releasing, emotional blocks, recurring challenges, bad habits or limiting beliefs. With each obstacle that we release, we gain more energy, freedom, and the steps by step becoming our authentic self.

Reaching your Goals

Sometimes our personal or professional goals can get hijacked by inner blocks, limiting beliefs or inner conflicts. With EFT, we can tap into what's keeping us from reaching those goals and enable ourselves to take more and more action. At the same time, tapping can help us to enhance the positive emotions such as motivation, excitement, self-esteem or optimism, which are helpful to reaching our goals.

Gaining Understanding & Acceptance for Yourself

To accept ourselves in the here and now is an important aspect of EFT. The new insights we gain during the process help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and the situation we are in.


The possible results of working with EFT go much deeper, though. Studies have been proven that EFT has been succesful in releasing depression, trauma and PTSD, among other serious conditions. And more than studies there are documented success stories and more. Severe conditions belong in the hands of professionally trained therapists, though, and I am not one of those. Even though I have worked through painful wounds myself, I am not equipped to work with people who need professionally trained and experienced therapists.
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